‘Linen’ an ongoing series from 2018, explores the intricate relationship between representation and reality with the focus on the materiality of the canvas itself. By covering a conventional canvas with primer and then painting back the image of the linen, thread by thread, with a small brush, paradoxical anti-images emerge where the subject in the painting coincides with the materiality of the object depicted, blurring the boundaries between reality and representation. These works of art are of an autological nature and seek to question their references or likenesses to the external world by an analysis of their own inherent visual and material aspects. This raises fundamental questions about the nature of being and the viewer’s perception: the artwork is not merely a representation of reality but an entity embodying both reality and its interpretation.
The sculpture appears to be a random arrangement of found peddles, however the sculpture itself is carved from a single stone. The property of stone and the representation of stone is balanced precariously, captured in a loop of real and representation, real as representation.