Domestic Series


The Domestic paintings, originated from a period when motherhood coexisted with studio practice. I integrated the housekeeping and cleaning which formed a repetitive and prominent role in daily life into my studio practice by applying these cleaning methods in to the realm of painting.

In the Domestic paintings, the procedure is always identical and consists of painting a black monochrome in acrylic on canvas and then using various cleaning agents and household utensils such as a mop, squeegee, scouring pad or a squeegee to remove the layers of paint from the surface.

The result is a painting in line with the strategies of the historical avant-gardes committed to abolishing the iconic functions of the line by replacing it with the trace of a process, where every expressive connotation of the pictorial gesture is eliminated. In this case, this mechanization of drawing is based on the introduction of tools foreign to artistic practice and on the repetition of an everyday hand gesture inherent in modest household tasks, leaving an image with a specific reality rather than an artistic sensitivity.

Nevertheless, through the use of cleaning products and utensils, the work inevitably introduces a nuance in relation to gender, class or the relationship between manual labor and intellectual work.

Since 2021 the Domestic Paintings are edit to this series. These works, consisting of laundry racks and dried reinforced acrylic paint, deconstruct both the conventions of hanging painting and the conventions of the sculptural plinth.