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Keeping One Space Clear at KOP.12 Essen (DE) Curated by Daniela Risch incl. Laura Sachs
and Nicola Staeglich
08.07.22 – 30.09.22 Eating a vegan sandwich on the train while listening to country music group exhibition at L21 gallery LAB Palma de Mallorca
curated by Francesco Giaveri (work in front by Elena Aitzkoa)

Contemporary Art Now CAN Ibiza 2022 (Left: Manuel M. Romero Front: Álvaro Albaladejo) image Artnueve
Art Rotterdam 2022
‘Re-canvassed’ 2022 NL=US Rotterdam group exhibition incl.; Jan Maarten Voskuil (image right)-Gijs van Lith-Lily de Bont
Taped Paintings 2021 Solo exhibition Artnueve Murcia
Taped Paintings 2021 Solo exhibition Artnueve Murcia
Estampa Madrid 2021
Structures on Mars 2021 Pictura Dordrecht group exhibition (front Mark Hosking)
Una Colección Centro de Arte Palacio Almundi Murcia Group exhibition (front Mark Hosking ,back Manuel M. Romero)